Supply Chain Saga

Embark on an immersive exploration of supply chain intricacies with our CEO, Mark Taylor’s riveting podcast, “Supply Chain Saga.” Traverse through enlightening dialogues where industry giants unfold their wisdom, narrate their experiences, and share diverse viewpoints. Here, every voice crafts an enthralling chapter, adding depth to the grand tapestry of the supply chain story.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Delve into a meticulously curated collection of articles, videos, and multimedia treasures, showcasing Warehouse Republic’s pivotal role in the ever-adaptive landscape of supply chain dynamics.


#11- Matt Weiss

#10 – Tom Cook

#9 – Courtney Folk

#8 – Parth Pethani

#7 – Ward Richmond

#6 – Chris Shimoda

#5 – Hal Compton

#4 – Evans Richards

#3 – Jordan Brown

#2 – Summitt Hogue

#1 – B.J. Patternson


Checking Inventory or Stock Status in 3PL Central


Creating Outbound Orders in 3PL Central


Creating Inbound Orders / Purchase orders in 3PL Central


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