Reidsville, North Carolina

Discover an epicenter of logistical and warehousing solutions at our Reidsville, North Carolina facility. Once a bustling tobacco manufacturing plant, the site has transformed into a strategic hub boasting optimized transportation avenues through highway, rail, and air channels — facilitating quick, economical movement of goods and materials.


Within the more than 250,000 square feet of our Reidsville space, find meticulously tailored storage solutions, ranging from racked positions to expansive floor areas fit for bulk storage needs. Its onsite rail spur and proximity to the US 29 highway ensures rapid access to key transportation links, reinforcing our commitment to logistical efficiency. Furthermore, our team, trained in HAZMAT handling proficiency and diverse warehousing experience, stands ready to streamline your operations, be it for Amazon FBA Sellers or large business to business operations.

An Extension of Your Business

Align with a partner experienced in handling a diversified client base, including prominent retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target. We facilitate Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) fulfillment through renowned platforms and offer specialized services such as kitting, retail compliance, and handling returns.

Ready for the Future, Ready for You

Our readiness to establish a Foreign Trade Zone with assembly capabilities within 90 to 120 days is a testament to our agility and readiness to cater to evolving business needs.

Benefits & Attributes

Choosing our Reidsville facility affords you the following:

Security: A gated premise ensuring safety with 24hr onsite security

Certifications: Team is HAZMAT certified and experienced

Space: 200,000+ SqFt of capacity ready for immediate utilization, with options for expansion based on your needs

Outdoor Storage: 7.3+ acres of gated, outdoor storage capacity

Port of Norfolk: 216 Miles, Port of Charleston: 298 Miles, Port of Savannah: 341 Miles

Onsite Rail Spur

FTZ Zone #230


Alexa Seleno