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How will the Inventory be sorted between warehouse locations?

Inventory is tracked and displayed separately across both locations. You can view the Inventory for each location by selecting the location from the dropdown.

Can we use the same user credentials across different locations?

Yes. You will be provided access to both warehouses under the same user account.

How will the orders and purchase orders be sorted between locations?

While creating the outbound/Inbound orders you have to first select the warehouse before creating the order and it will be created for the location selected.

Will there be two different agreements for both the locations?

No, the existing service agreement is applicable for all locations however the pricing can differ slightly depending on the location.

How soon can we start sending in our Inventory?

You can start using the services once the contract has been signed and onboarding has been completed.

Can we use the same SKUs for both locations?

Yes, you can use the same SKUs for across each location.

Do you allow multiple SKUs per pallet?

No. For accuracy purposes, we only allow single SKU pallets.

Is there anything else we should know as far as preparations we need for our shipment?

a) We will send you our Services Agreement via docusign that will need to be signed.
b) Customer onboarding needs to occur where we will set up your account logins, upload SKUs into our Warehouse Management System and show you how to navigate our system, including best practices and video tutorials.
c) Give you access to our label making system and teach you our standard barcode formats for your inbound goods.

If our pallets are initially shipped, then stored at your facility, will you relabel them with our FBA Shipping Labels when it is time to ship the pallets to the amazon warehouses?

Yes, we do that for all our customers

Is it a climate control warehousing facility?

Our warehouse is not climate controlled. The warehouse is sealed from the outside, but the temperature in the warehouse gets into the 90s from time to time.

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