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Simple per pallet pricing model.

No long term storage fees.

No holiday surge pricing.

Introducing Warehouse Republic

As experienced FBA sellers, we discovered ways to reclaim some of our Amazon profits. By staging pallets outside of Amazon’s warehouses, we avoid a large portion of holiday surge prices and eliminate long term storage fees. We started Warehouse Republic to help others do the same.

How does it work?

When your freight arrives, we work with your company to schedule your freight to be delivered to one of our warehouses. Once we receive the shipment, we check it in, and hold it until you need it shipped out.

How much does it cost?

$50 per pallet per month (including sales tax). That’s it. No in­processing or out­processing fees. No holiday surge fees. No long term storage fees.

Save up to 58% on FBA
Storage Costs

Key Benefits

Increased Profitability

January through ­September you’ll be saving a few dollars per pallet. October through ­December you can save as much as $120/pallet/month. Avoiding a pallet’s worth of long term storage fees can save as much as $700 (6mo) to $1,400 (12mo).


Maintaining more control of your inventory allows you to easily send in units of inventory to other seller platforms, retail, etc.

Amazon Vendor

Vendor Express/Vendor Central requires you to hold your inventory until Amazon buys it from you. Warehouse Republic allows you a place to store that inventory until they issue the PO.

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